Hope is

By Cathy Fenwick

by Catherine Fenwick ã 2000

Hope is a passion for the possible. The eyes of hope look past imperfection to the spirit of all things. Hope is a form of prayer. To hope is to create sacred space, these special places could be called sanctuaries. A sanctuary is a place of refuge, a place of safety. It is a condition of serenity, inspiration and personal renewal. Sanctuaries are places and spaces that allow us to fully experience and honor our feelings, wishes and needs. These safety zones increase our ability to cope with change, live with uncertainty and create a positive, encouraging environment in which to heal.

Sanctuaries are made up of many components. Your values remind your of the things, events and people that really matter to you. Defining your values increases your ability to cope. Look for opportunities to connect with others, validate those who are supportive. Contact with familiar objects can create comfort. I always bring my own pillow, a special blanket and pictures of my loved ones to the hospital or the clinic. Do something creative. Listening to music can be very calming or energizing, depending on whether you are listening to Chopin or The Rolling Stones. Better yet, create your own music and give voice to your emotions. Consider one of the other creative arts, such as photography, painting, writing, needlepoint or crafts. Creative expression is healing and energizing. Create or identify special places for yourself. Sanctuaries help us to regain our sense of balance and create the kind of supportive, caring environments which give us strength to meet hurdles and challenges. Hope and laughter are sanctuaries.

Hope is found in the morning sun, dappled shadows of trees on ground,

Fluffy whiteness, crossing the sky. Hope comes when I lie on the ground,

And watch the clouds roll by.

Hope is found in the sunshine of a smile, a hug, a greeting that shows you care.

Sharing the tears of joy and sorrow, helping one another--

See a bright tomorrow.

Hope is found in a tiny seed, planted in earth,

Waiting for rain and warm sunshine --

And just the right time.

Hope is an idea, the seed of possibility.

Hope is found in all newborn creatures, fuzzy chicks, fawn, calf, colt.

Children's giggles, laughter, tears --

Hope is giving birth to self.

Hope is in the cocoon, uncertainty of caterpillar,

Turmoil of transition, freedom of the butterfly --

Hope is in the transformation.

Hope is in the air, warm spring breeze.

Dry summer wind, autumn flurried leaves,

Snowy winter drifts --

Hope is in my breath.

Hope is choosing kindness, harmony, peace.

I can choose to dream, I can choose to love,

And trust that I am loved.

Hope is finding my true nature --

Hope is in me.


Cathy Fenwick is an author, educator and workplace consultant. She develops and delivers workshops and keynotes on how to get more healthy humour into your life and your work. Her books and manuals include Healing With Humour, Telling My Sister's Story, Workscapes: Keeping spirit alive at work , Building Bridges: The heart of effective communication and Hope for people facing cancer.

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