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Catherine Fenwick is an author, educator, work and career consultant. She has publications in several journals, magazines and newspapers. She has published three books and is working on the fourth.

Cathy Fenwick: author, educator, therapist and well-known international speaker holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, a professional teaching certificate, and has more than thirty years of experience in counselling, teaching, and workshop development and presentation. She gives workshops across Canada and speaks at national and international conferences, including a keynote on Women’s Health Issues at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy and Care of the Care-giver at an International Palliative Care Conference in Dublin, Ireland.

Cathy has publications in several journals, magazines and newspapers, and has published three books, Love and Laughter: A Healing Journey (2004), Telling My Sister’s Story (1996) and Healing With Humour (1995). She travels extensively in North America, Europe and Australia leading seminars and writing about her travel experiences. Recently her career has sprouted another seed, part-time acting.

As a cancer survivor, Cathy believes that combining the best that medicine has to offer with the wisdom of holistic healing, we have a better quality of life and a better chance of getting healthy and staying healthy. In 2000, she was nominated in the Health and Wellness category at the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards.

Born and raised on a farm in Saskatchewan, Cathy loves the prairies and makes her home in Regina. She has four fantastic children and two terrific grandchildren. Cathy loves her life and really likes her work!

About The Creator Of Healing With Humour

Catherine has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and is a popular speaker on issues related to healing with humour, humour in the workplace, and embracing change.

She has first hand knowledge of the importance of healthy humour. In 1990 Catherine was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer. She took this opportunity to re-evaluate her life and is happier, healthier, and more fully alive than ever. She is an active member of Breast Cancer Action Saskatchewan and was a delegate to the first National Breast Cancer Forum in Montreal in 1993.

Catherine grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada and still lives on her beloved prairies. She enjoys travelling to new places and meeting people from all over the globe. Most of all, she loves the time she has with her four children and two grandsons.

*Recent Speaking Engagements and Testimonials

I have done many workshops with business people, technologists, counsellors, social workers, health care providers, teachers, volunteers, and support groups. I have been a guest speaker at several local, national and international conferences and have delivered workshops for staff in the Saskatchewan Departments of Health, Justice, Finance, Property Management, the Public Service Commission, Sasktel, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Lupus Canada, Human Resources Development Canada, Canadian Association of School Social Workers, and many others.

I have also done workshops at Wascana Institute, Regina SK, Fanshawe College, London ON, and at Selkirk College, Grand Forks BC, the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada), the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy, and in Dublin, Ireland.

Thanks to all of you for your warm hospitality and the wonderful times I was shown.

I have spoken to ten of thousands of people across Canada and Europe. I and grateful for all the wonderful times I have enjoyed - especially uplifting are the comments I hear from people after the presentations.....

*You brought your audience to laughter and to tears with your stories ... everyone went away feeling energized and armed with ideas about how to cope with illness and other stressful situations in their lives.

*Your presentation met all our expectations and more.

*It is never easy to be the last speaker on a Saturday, but you had us all riveted and inspired. You gave us something positive to take home and put into practice.

*You were the cherry on the cake! Everybody loved your talk and there is still a buzz about it.

*We attribute the success of our conference to the quality of our keynote speaker. Thank you for an excellent presentation.

*You have an incredible gift with the ability to touch people in a very special way.

Some comments about the long term benefits of taking workshops on healing with humour, managing change, team building, communication skills and bringing joy and enthusiasm to work:

  • The entire workshop was super….. Staff still talk about it – many say they try to put some humour in every day.
  • We still receive positive feedback from students and parents who attended.
  • Lots of ongoing positive comments. We often see staff and patients with their own Laughter First Aid Kits.
  • Our staff have been going through MASSIVE change in the past year – those who have been able to retain their sense of humour have coped better than others.
  • A truly inspirational workshop. The “lasting effect” has been within myself. I worry less about the things I cannot change.
  • People who attended together have a bond that helps them resolve and disperse a tense situation.
  • It has been a happier, more productive work environment.
  • Several months later people are still talking about it. If we are having a bad day we remind each other to keep perspective. We share stories to keep up our spirits.
  • You were the good medicine I needed so badly…. I am normally a happy, humorous, fun loving person. That was missing and you gave me back my laughter and hope for happier days.
  • Since taking your workshop a year ago I have made significant changes in my life.

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