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This area outlines my workshops and seminars. These sessions will strengthen your inner resources, enable you to cope more effectively, and to better understand yourself and others.

Workshops and Seminars

Healing With Humour Series
Laughter is a symptom of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Healthy humour helps us to see life from a different perspective and face challenges with courage, flexibility and hope. Healthy humour helps to reduce stress, create support networks, learn more about ourselves, produce healing chemicals in our body, enhance immune system response, build morale and increase creative energy.

Making Laughter Work for You
Meaningful work is gratifying. To bring joy and humour to our work is an act of love. Laughter takes us back to a sense of playfulness and spontaneity which is inherently enjoyable and opens us up to new possibilities. It promotes creative problem solving and can help us turn negative situations into positive ones. A joyful attitude invites us to examine our values and look at the really important things in our lives.

Workscapes: Keeping Spirit Alive at Work
Workscapes are inner and outer landscapes at work. Our workscapes have taken a beating in the last several years. It's time to find our balance and do some rebuilding. This workshop helps us to strengthen our inner resources, develop leadership qualities, create personal sanctuaries and healthy workscapes, build trusting relationships, deepen communication, foster team spirit, and put the "WOW" back into our work. In a healthy workplace you do not have to leave your heart at home when you come to work.

Building Bridges: The Heart of Effective Communication
Effective communication requires, at its foundation, minds that are open to possibilities and hearts that are willing to trust. This workshop helps people to understand the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, develop qualities of personal leadership, become a more attentive listener, increase cooperative interaction, foster team spirit and build trusting relationships. When we enjoy being together and working together we are more effective and productive.

Getting Through Tough Times
Hope is the motivating factor that helps us to arrive at understanding and acceptance. The message is, "There will be other changes. Things will get better. I am strong enough to get through this." This workshop helps us to understand the emotions of change, loss and grief; to identify what is being lost, learn appropriate outlets for emotions, develop skills for taking care of ourselves in the transition; differentiate between what things we have influence over and what we don't; get unstuck, seek solutions, see options and create possibilities.

Sacred Laughter 3-4 Day Retreats
Laughter is sacred because it is so healing. Joyful spirit exists in all of us and helps us to hear a deeper wisdom. With laughter and tears we celebrate the miracle of living in the midst of opportunities and challenges.


Cathy Fenwick, M.A., has more than thirty years of experience as an educator, counsellor and author. In that time she has developed and delivered workshops to a wide range of companies, crown corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and grass roots support groups. Her presentations are tailored to address the interests of each group and include lecture, discussion, small group activities and lots of laughs.

She has been a guest speaker at several national and international conferences including recent engagements at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Canada and at the European Institute of Oncology's Conference on Women's Health Issues in Milan, Italy.

Presentations can be one hour, half day, full day, or 3 days.

In these workshops people learn how:

  • a joyful attitude helps to strengthen our inner resources
  • to cope more effectively with things we cannot change
  • to better understand ourselves and others

Cathy's workshops center around three of our basic needs:

  • the need to know that what we do matters
  • the need to know that somebody cares
  • the need to experience joy and tap into our healing sense of humour

A few comments from participants:

  • I feel everyone in our organization should take this workshop at least once.
  • You brought your audience to laughter and to tears with your stories. Everyone went away feeling energized and armed with ideas about how to cope with stressful situations.
  • Your presentation met all our expectations and more.
  • We attribute the success of our conference to the quality of our keynote speaker. Thank you for an excellent presentation.
  • This is the best course I've ever taken.
  • My side aches and my face hurts from laughing so much.
  • I can hardly wait to put some of her tips into practice.
  • Use of simple exercises made it easier to see how complicated things can be if we don’t communicate well.
  • You were the good medicine I needed so badly right now. I am normally a happy, humorous and fun loving person. That has been missing in my life lately, but you've given back my laughter and hope for better days.
  • Since taking your workshop last year I have made several significant changes in my life.

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