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The following quiz provides you with an opportunity to test your ability to laugh at life. Print this page off or take it right off screen.

What is Your L.Q.? (Laughter Quotient)

Circle the number which is most true for you.

seldom some
often always
1. I hear myself laughing out loud. 12 345
2. I am a fun person to be with. 12 345
3. My sense of humour helps me
to get along with others.
12 345
4. I play spontaneously. 12 345
5. I feel O.K. about acting silly
in appropriate situations.
12 345
6. I regularly plan times for
playing and laughing.
12 345
7. I can laugh at my own mistakes. 12 345
8. I make the best of bad
12 345
9. I use humour to help others
feel better.
12 345
10. I avoid using humour that makes
others feel uncomfortable.
12 345
11. I avoid sarcastic and
negative humour.
12 345
12. I can see something positive
in most situations.
12 345
13. I take time out for
12 345
14. My family and friends support
my need for fun.
12 345
15. When I feel stressed, my sense
of humour keeps things in
12 345
16. I feel comfortable laughing at work.12 345
17. I allow myself to play first and work later.12 345
18. My sense of humour is one of my best qualities.1234 5
19. I believe laughing contributes to my sense of well-being. 12345
20. The more I laugh the better I feel.12 345

Add your total score:__________________

75-100 = High L.Q. You're doing fine, keep it up. Read this book for fun.
50-75 = Average L.Q. Pretty good, but could be better. Do the exercises in this book.
25-50 = Low L.Q. Look back over the questionnaire and see what you need to do to tickle your funny bone and get more laughter into your life.

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