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Learn To Say What You Mean, Hear What Was Said

Workshops And Seminars

Sometimes we have trouble saying what we are thinking and feeling. There are times when we want to communicate what we think is important, and what we will or will not do. We want to tell people they have been heard. To communicate effectively we need to express ourselves clearly; then we need to check to see if the other person heard what we meant to say.

Saying what we mean and hearing what was said is a learned skill. If we grew up in a family that encouraged open honest communication, we learned it. If we observed a lot of passive or aggressive behaviour, we learned that, too. The nice thing about being human is that we can learn new ways of saying and doing things.

The agenda for a communications workshop includes:

    understanding behaviour styles
    verbal and nonverbal communication
    socialization messages
    irrational thinking patterns
    words and actions that encourage
    conversation skills
    steps to effective communications

This workshop can be designed for two days, one day, or half day presentation.

Presenter: Cathy Fenwick

Cathy has a Masters Degree in Psychology and several years of experience as a counsellor and educator. She develops and delivers workshops related to humour in the workplace, humour in healing, communication skills, and healthy balance.

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