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Laughing Matters: Beyond the Balancing Act

Workshops And Seminars

According to the Diagnostic Manual of the Canadian Psychological Association; "the number of people who suffer from 24 hours-in-a-day-a-phobia has reached epidemic proportions."

This condition is defined as; "a fear of running out of day before you finish all of the stuff on your list."

The people most affected by this condition are highly intelligent, creative, active, working parents. If this description fits, you should plan to attend this sanity saving seminar.

The Agenda for a full day workshop looks something like this:


Fun stuff to get us rolling

Complete this statement: It will be a good workshop today if.....

L.Q. Test | Increase Your L.Q.

Benefits of healthy humour with a stand-up comedy routine


Myths and realities of trying to do it all.

    The Superperson Syndrome

What am I saying to myself

    (sometimes called Cognitive Restructuring)

Roles: The Superperson in Action


I've given away so many parts of myself, I don't know who I am anymore. Who am I......

Life Goals......

Healing activities


Find your clown self; clown visualization

Games I played as a child \ games I like to play now

Wrap up - How will I use what I learned today?...............
or My plan for getting healthy and staying healthy...........

Presenter: Cathy Fenwick

Cathy has a Masters Degree in Psychology and several years of experience as a counsellor and educator. She develops and delivers workshops related to humour in the workplace, humour in healing, communication skills, and healthy balance. See my website for more information.

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