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Laughing Matters: Embracing Change

Workshops And Seminars

While we would like to be happy and joyful all the time, we all know that change and loss are inevitable. When Changes are happening so fast and seemingly nonstop, we look for ways to help us cope. Just as laughter is necessary to a healthy lifestyle; it is also a necessary component in helping us to adjust to changes in our lives.

Laughter helps us to:

  • embrace change
  • reduce stress levels
  • lift ourselves up when we're down
  • build support networks
  • find options for coping with emotions
  • learn more about ourselves and others

At times of deepest despair and times of highest hopes our sense of humour can help us to put things into perspective. Laughter takes us back to childlike playfulness and spontaneity, which is inherently enjoyable.

You will learn how to create a Laughter First Aid Kit, which you can bring out of the closet for immediate relief from life's daily pressures.

This workshop can be designed for full day, half day, or one hour keynote address.

Presenter: Cathy Fenwick

Cathy has a Masters Degree in Psychology and several years of experience as a counsellor and educator. She develops and delivers workshops related to humour in the workplace, humour in healing, communication skills, and healthy balance. See my website for more information.

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