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Laughing Matters: Transcending Grief

Workshops And Seminars

Tears and laughter are born of the same parents; they are two sides of the same coin. The ability to laugh and enjoy life is a measure of our psychological and spiritual well being. While we would like to be happy and joyful all of the time, we all know that change, loss and grief are part of being human. Bad things happen to good people and when they do, it is good to have skills for coping with the pain.

Just as laughter is necessary to a healthy lifestyle; it is also a necessary component in the grieving process.

Laughter helps us to:

  • accept change
  • break out of the denial and pain cycle
  • lift ourselves up when we're down
  • gain access to what we are really feeling
  • have options for dealing with emotions
  • build support networks
  • learn more about ourselves and others

This workshop provides a perspective on moving through the emotions of grieving and suggests techniques for finding joy and laughter again.

Presenter: Cathy Fenwick

Cathy Fenwick has more than twenty years of experience as a counsellor, educator and writer. She has first hand knowledge of the importance of humour in our lives. Her book, Healing With Humour, was released in 1995.

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