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Making Laughter Work For You

Workshops And Seminars

Laughter is a symptom of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Healthy humour helps us to see life from a different perspective and face challenges with courage, flexibility and hope. Healthy humour helps to:

  • reduce stress
  • create support networks
  • learn more about ourselves
  • produce healing chemicals in our body
  • enhance immune system response
  • build morale
  • increase creative energy


Life's a challenge

Just as laughter is necessary to a healthy lifestyle, it is also a useful skill in helping us to adjust to inevitable change. Healthy humour provides a perspective on moving through the emotions of loss.

Laughter helps us to:

  • be more accepting of things that can't be changed
  • break out of the denial and pain cycle
  • lift ourselves up when we're down
  • gain access to what we are really feeling
  • have options for dealing with emotions


Putting the "WOW" back into your work

Meaningful work is gratifying. To bring joy and humour to our work is an act of love. Laughter takes us back to a sense of playfulness and spontaneity which is inherently enjoyable and opens us up to new possibilities. It promotes creative problem solving and can help us to turn negative situations into positive ones. A joyful attitude invites us to examine our values and look at the really important things in our lives.

"Making Laughter Work for You" offers creative strategies for personal and professional growth.

Please dress comfortably. Comfortable/casual dress helps us to relax, feel more free, be more creative, lighten up and see the world from a different perspective.

Suggested agenda for a one day workshop


   AM Introductions

  • Introductions and get acquainted activities
  • L.Q. test (from Healing With Humour)
  • Benefits of healthy humour healthy vs unhealthy humour
  • Creating a laughter first aid kit


  • Qualities of personal leadership
  • Just imagine loving your work!
  • Asking ourselves the important questions



  • Something Wonderful
  • Embracing change: contract for change, setting personal goals
  • Creative activity - life writing - sharing stories


  • Putting a joyful attitude to work with courage, flexibility and hope
  • Why people don't or can't have fun at work
  • How to have fun at work and not get fired
  • Expanding the joyful attitude to all areas of life

Closing activities

* Participants are asked to BRING SOMETHING WONDERFUL and to dress in comfortable/casual clothing

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