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The Weekend Retreat

Workshops And Seminars

The following is an example of a weekend workshop I present in a retreat setting. Workshops are interactive and experiential.

Friday evening,

Introductions: participants get to know each other and learn more about what to expect at a Healing with Humour retreat.

Get acquainted activities:

  • Human Treasure Hunt
  • Complete the following statement:
  • "This will be a good workshop if ............."

Introduction to the benefits of healthy humour:

  • reduce stress
  • build support networks
  • learn more about ourselves
  • produce healing chemicals in our body
  • enhance immune system response
  • increase creative energy
  • feel spiritually connected

Social - musical - playful activity

Saturday AM Laughing for the health of it.

Healthy laughter is a symptom of physical, emotional and spiritual well being. A humour attitude can help us to see life from a different perspective and face our problems with renewed ability and hope.

This session is designed to help you discover your humour attitude and find out more about the benefits of healthy humour.

Transcending grief.

Tears and laughter are born of the same parents; they are two sides of the same coin. The ability to laugh and enjoy life is a measure of our psychological and spiritual well being. While we would like to be happy and joyful all of the time, we all know that change, loss and grief are part of being human. Bad things happen to good people and when they do, it is good to have skills for coping with the pain.

Just as laughter is necessary to a healthy lifestyle; it is also a necessary component in the grieving process.

Laughter helps us to:

  • be more accepting of things that can't be changed
  • break out of the denial and pain cycle
  • lift ourselves up when we're down
  • gain access to what we are really feeling
  • have options for dealing with emotions

This session provides a perspective on moving through the emotions of grieving and suggests techniques for finding joy and laughter again.

Saturday PM: Embracing the fires of change.

While we would like to be happy and joyful all the time, we all know that change and loss are inevitable. When changes are happening so fast and seemingly nonstop, we look for ways to help us cope. Just as laughter is necessary to a healthy lifestyle; it is also a necessary component in helping us to adjust to changes in our lives.

This session helps you to understand the effects of change and gives you techniques for embracing change to help you to focus on positive outcomes.

Connecting with your playful self.

When we give ourselves permission to enter the deepest part of our being, we begin to hear a deep inner wisdom. Once we know and accept ourselves unconditionally, we can come to know and accept others as they are. The laughter spirit that exists inside us is so powerful that at times of deepest sorrow we can reach inside and find things to be joyful about. Laughter takes us back to childlike playfulness and spontaneity, which is inherently enjoyable.

In this session you will learn to know yourself more deeply and reconnect with your playful childlike self. Participants will be asked to Bring Something Wonderful.

Music, sing along and games

Sunday AM: Compassion and Forgiveness.

"Forgiveness is not so hard. It's kind of like walking backward waist deep in molasses ... in winter!" The healing light of forgiveness can be elusive. Forgiveness, like change, is a constant and ongoing process.

In this session you will learn how compassion and a humour attitude can help you to find inner peace and joy through the power of forgiveness.


In this session you will focus on those things in your life for which you are thankful. The expression of our thanks will be manifested through an act of creativity.

Creative activity

Closure and fairwell.

Presenter: Cathy Fenwick

Cathy has more than twenty years of experience as a counsellor, educator, and writer. She develops and delivers workshops related to humour in the workplace, humour in healing, embracing change, communication skills, and healthy balance.

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