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Workscapes — Keeping Spirit Alive at Work

A two day workshop developed and delivered by Cathy Fenwick

Effective communication requires, at its foundation, minds that are open to possibilities and hearts that are willing to trust.

Landscapes: the scenery in our outer world

Soulscapes: the scenery in our inner world

Workscapes: the inner and outer scenery in our work world

Workscapes are places where we live for many hours every week. Like soul music and soul food, soul in the workplace is about passion. It's about the joy and excitement of doing something worth while.

Our workscapes have taken a beating in the last several years. It's time to find our balance and do some rebuilding. We know that change is inevitable and it is constant. There will be other changes. Things will get better. We are strong enough to get through this and help create the kind of workscapes we need in our organization.

The secret to survival is to embrace change and to adapt. How we handle change affects our physical, mental, psychological and spiritual well being. It will affect how we relate to others and how we feel about ourselves. All things fall and are built again. We can use failures as stepping stones to success. When we look at the big picture, it’s a question of balance and perspective.

Workscapes helps leaders and workers manage change and make work fun again. People who enjoy their work are more effective, efficient and productive. When our spirits are up we create, we share, we produce. When our spirits are down, no amount of number crunching, quality improvement, re-engineering, or hype is going to improve the bottom line.


This workshop will help people to:

  • strengthen their inner resources
  • manage ongoing change
  • develop qualities of personal leadership
  • <
  • create personal sanctuaries and healthy workscapes
  • acquire skills to create a happier, more productive workplace
  • build trusting relationships
  • deepen communication
  • foster team spirit
  • put more passion and joy into their work


What workplace survivors are saying:

* "I'll find ways to get through this."

* "It was good in our organization. When they knew something they told us and when they didn't they told us."

* "OK, I've still got a job and I'm making lots of money, but so what! How can I have a balanced life when I'm doing three people's jobs?"

* "I made it through the last round of cuts. I won't worry about it until I have to."

* "How will the work get done?"

* "I heard, `Relax, you're not being affected at all. Things will be the same for you.' - Not affected? Half the department is gone!"

* "If you talk to the people who work here, trust is the number one issue. I think that's what has suffered the most."

* "My best friend was laid off, I have a hard time facing him."

* "We have listening lunches in my department. Once a month we all get together for lunch and our manager just listens."

* "It's a fine balance for managers, a walk across a raging river on a tightrope. We must move the company successfully ahead without letting our own uncertain futures interfere."

This workshop addresses these issues and asks the following questions. Does my workplace provide:

  • meaning and purpose that is in tune with my values, goals and mission in life?
  • a network of people who care?
  • a place where I am fully present; where I don't have to leave my heart at home when I come to work?

Suggested agenda for two day workshop

Day one


   AM Introductions

  • What in the world is going on?
  • Human responses to a changing world
  • What's my L.Q.?
  • Creating a Laughter First Aid Kit


  • Benefits of a healthy humour attitude
  • Just imagine loving your work
  • Some important questions



  • Change — getting used to it, making it work for you
  • Qualities of personal leadership


  • Balance — we all want more of it
  • Values
  • Personal mission statement



Day two


   AM Review of day one

  • When I come to work do I leave my heart at home?
  • Taking care of ourselves
  • Techniques for surviving and thriving


  • Decisions — you gotta have a plan!
  • Increasing organizational communication



  • Creative solutions to important issues
  • Building connection and commitment
  • Creating sanctuaries


  • Having more fun and getting more done
  • Putting the WOW back into my work
  • Expanding the joyful attitude to all areas of life

Closing activities

Important: each participant is asked to bring 4 small containers with lids.

And, to bring SOMETHING WONDERFUL (whatever that means to them).

Dress: casual, comfortable

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